BHT in Numbers

We have just finished an analysis of BHT in numbers. Here are a few key figures for the period from 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014:

We worked with 9,748 unique clients
Counting those who returned to services or used more than one service, the total number of clients was 11,316.
52.8% were men, 46.8% women, and 0.4% transgender.

We had 15 clients under the age of 16 (at our education project in Hastings)
19% of our clients were aged between 16 to 25; 23% between 26 and 35; 24% between 36 and 45; 25% between 46 and 55; 7% between 56 and 65; and 3% 66 or over.

21% of our clients disclosed they have a physical health problem.

27% of our clients disclosed they have a mental health problem.

688 clients were sleeping rough when we first started working with them, 204 others were ‘sofa surfing’, and one ‘lived’ on buses in order to have shelter.

We prevented 6,989 people becoming homeless or helped them to end their homelessness.

We provided 168 PCs, laptops and tablets for clients as well as 35 WiFi hotspots for client use.
We trained 446 clients to become computer literate.

We received 127 formal complaints and were pleased to uphold or partially uphold 106 of them. 21 complaints were totally rejected.

82 volunteers helped to enhance services to clients or assisted with the running of services, and 50 others became involved in fundraising activities.

We had 22 interns.

We employed 267 members of staff at any one time (230.6 full time equivalents)
Members of staff took an average of 6.97 days sick leave.

Members of staff attended a total of 962 training courses, or 3.6 courses each.

BHT has one mission: “to combat homelessness, create opportunities, promote change”.

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