Right to Buy: A Failing Housing Policy

Another day, another story about the crisis in social housing. A Freedom of Information request by the Liberal Democrats to 72 councils has found that more than 12,000 council houses have been sold since 2014 wild just 4,309 built over the same period exposing the reality of the one for one replacement that the government has consistently promised.

Rather than recognizing the idiocy of this policy from a housing point of view, the government seems hell bent on extending it to housing associations, again promising a one for one replacement programme.

What is more, many of the 4,309 homes built have not been like for like replacements, with few being left on social rents.

Experience tells us that up to 40% of homes sold through the Right to Buy end up in the private rented sector charging rents up to four times as much as were charged when let for social purpose.

One wonders whether politicians in government and policy makers live in the smae universe as the rest of us!


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