This is my 1,000 post on this blog ……

This is the one thousandth post on this blog.  I actually have nothing profound to say on this occasion.  Rather, it has always been a joy to write, especially those posts about the work of BHT.  I enjoy having the occasional rant on things completely unrelated to BHT (like last week’s item on graffiti which led to an item on Meridian TV).

I have written about moments of trauma, most notably the defeat of the South African rugby team in the World Cup game against Japan here in Brighton.

Sport is a theme I return to from time to time, like my rant at the “old farts at the MCC” who failed to turn up at the brilliant Women’s Cricket World Cup Final.

I write the occasional obituary, like this one on Ruth Larkin, the best Mayor that Brighton never had, or on my former colleague on Brighton Borough Council, Gill Sweeting, who challenged and changed my views on assisted dying when she did her courageous video My Last Vote before the 2015 general election.

Here are some inadequate words from me on the death of Nelson Mandela.

There is a line over which a charity chief executive should not step.  I realise my adherence to that is some times ‘flexible’.  I have avoided being party political, but I have not avoided being critical of party politicians, but not from a party political perspective (I haven’t been a member of any political party since 1993).

Occasionally I am angry, but then who wasn’t in the aftermath of the avoidable tragedy at Grenfell Tower?

In order to give me greater freedom to speak, I recently put a distance between this blog being formally attached to my employment.  In doing so I almost destroyed it because I foolishly changed the URL and lost all my Google rankings.  Readership fell by c95%. Fortunately, readership has been picking up again.  I wrote about this here.

I have turned my hand to Vlogging but that is still work in progress.

So thank you for reading what I write. I am not as prolific as my friend Ian Chisnall who writes every day but I hope that occasionally I have written something of interest, that my feeble attempts at humour may have made you smile, and that you might have been inspired by the experience of some of the brave and impressive people I have written about.



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