The government shows disdain for the wishes of Parliament on Universal Credit

The National Landlords Association has surveyed its members on their attitude to housing tenants who are on Universal Credit.  80% said they were reluctant to let to tenants in receipt of housing benefit or Universal Credit.

Since the government isn’t funding anywhere like enough homes to rent, and since more well-off families are able to take advantage of schemes like Help to Buy, can someone please tell me where will people on Universal Credit live if landlords in the private rented sector won’t house them?

I am writing every day about the unfolding catastrophe that is Universal Credit.  People are left in debt, selling off their possessions to keep the lights on, relying on foodbanks, getting into rent arrears, and becoming homeless.

Today in the House of Commons a vote calling on the government to pause the roll out of Universal  Credit was passed by 299 votes to nil.  The government ordered its Members of Parliament to abstain.

House of Commons Speaker, John Bercow MP

The Speaker, John Bercow, advised ministers to take account of the “clearly expressed” wishes of the House of Commons, and to “show respect for the institution” by indicating what they intend to do.  Don’t hold your breath, Mr Bercow.

The UK parliament is supposed to be the “Mother of all Parliaments” yet the government shows disdain for the institution by ordering its side to abstain and will, in all likelihood, ignore the vote.

This isn’t a democracy.  This smacks of a dictatorship.  My Conservative friends should be hanging their heads in shame at the disrespect to the wishes Parliament and the misery and suffering that Universal Credit is causing.


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