The Whitehawk Inn: My statement about the possible closure

It is with great sadness that we at BHT have had to give notice to the clients of the Whitehawk Inn, Brighton and Hove City Council, partner organisations and other supporters that this much-loved and valuable service may have to close at the end of March 2018.

The economic climate within which we operate is not getting any easier, and the charitable funding towards core costs that previously supported services such as the Whitehawk Inn is now almost impossible to secure.

Since the Whitehawk Inn has been part of BHT, we have explored possible funding opportunities, but with limited success.

A final decision is yet to be made. It is a decision that is not being taken lightly and is one that is the cause of distress to our Board members, senior staff and, not least, our staff team and clients at the Whitehawk Inn.

There will be an impact on the East Brighton community, and many people who tend not to access other services will be particularly affected. With the arrival of universal credit, the loss of our services, often run in partnership with others, will mean that some people will end up without the support, advice and guidance they might need.

We are, of course, open to suggestions as to how a viable future can be secured for the service, to operate either within or external to BHT, and how the closure could be avoided. Please feel free to email me with any ideas or comments you may have.

The Argus ran a very sympathetic item today (20th October 2017) quoting several people who said what the Whitehawk Inn means to them and to the wider community in East Brighton. You can find that article here.


2 thoughts on “The Whitehawk Inn: My statement about the possible closure

  1. deeply saddened by this news,just spent three months spreading the word on what a unique and brilliant space the whitehawk inn is combined with a fantastic staff team.think we need get brainstorming team together to explore and campaign for all options to try and save this wonderful service.anger channelled as a positive energy can achieve truly amazing things lets not go down without a fight folks!

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