Utter garbage from the Brighton Argus as it competes for a place in the gutter

Yesterday (23rd January 2018), the Brighton Argus ran a front page story about a young man whose father had been murdered. Kane Manning had written to the notorious violent criminal Charles Bronson and received a postcard in reply from Bronson who provided “life advice”.  The Argus thought that this was worthy of a front page splash.  Here is the text of the letter I sent to the Argus which which published a heavily edited version today (just the first paragraph).

I am a big supporter of the Argus and believe it has an important role to play in the life of Brighton and Hove. But even I find it difficult to understand the incomprehensible decision of the Argus to run its front page ‘story’ about the violent criminal, Charles Bronson (23rd January 2018).

I am sorry that Kane Manning lost his father but his decision to write to Bronson, and that he got a reply, is really not news.

If I want to read total garbage like this I would read the gutter press. Surely the Argus has higher aspirations?


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