How BHT and our partners saved the lives of rough sleepers over the winter months

What wonderful weather we are enjoying at the moment.  Even my white legs have made an appearance.  The forecast is for another hot, sunny Bank Holiday weekend which means, inevitably, that it will rain!

It is hard to think back to the freezing cold of the winter months but here are a few statistics I would like to share with you regarding the Severe Weather Shelter which BHT operates when there is a risk to life from the weather.

The Severe Weather Shelter opened on 43 occasions over the winter, provided shelter for 244 different men and women who would otherwise be sleeping on the streets that night.  A total of 1,401 nights accommodation were provided.  33 members of staff volunteered to work on these nights, in addition to their normal day jobs.

BHT is able to run this shelter on behalf of Brighton and Hove City Council because we have First Base Day Centre that we can use for the shelter, and because BHT and several other partner organisations have the skilled, trained and dedicated staff who are willing to drop everything to run the shelter.  I am extremely grateful to all these colleagues for their selfless dedication.

So while we enjoy the wonderful weather, please spare a moment to think about how BHT is able to run First Base.  It takes fundraising activities throughout the year, our biggest being the Greater Brighton Cycle Challenge which is now less than six weeks away.

Please sign up to cycle or to help on the day.  You can find out more information here.

And if you want to support First Base and make me very happy, you can sponsor me as I am planning to cycle 100 km as part of the challenge.  Last year I raised just over £1,000, it would be wonderful to top that.  Many thanks.


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