Rough Sleepers Strategy

The government has launched its rough sleeping strategy launched which aims to end rough sleeping by 2027.  It sets out a three-pronged approach of prevention, intervention and recovery aimed at offering “comprehensive support” to ensure the specific needs of vulnerable rough sleepers are addressed.

The intervention element will involve £17m to expand the Somewhere Safe to Stay pilots to help people at risk of rough sleeping have their needs assessed quickly.

It will also involve £30m of NHS funding over five years to provide better health care for rough sleepers including for drug treatment.

The final element, prevention, will involve £50m of funding to increase housing supply outside of London for people who have slept rough or are moving on from hostels and refuges.

It said £19m will go to providing “flexible support” in homes provided exclusively for people sleeping rough.

The Secretary of State, James Brockenshire, announced new two year funding of £100m, but acknowledged on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that the £100 million is not new money, that half had been previously announced and half has been “reprioritised” from other budgets.

Notwithstanding whether this is new funding or not, there is likely to be opportunities for BHT, although the amount allocated to each local authority will not be significant.  BHT should be looking at funding for temporary accommodation, assessment activities, and addictions work.


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