BHT at 50: The Message from our Life President, Patricia Norman

In October 2018 BHT turned 50.  At an event to mark this milestone, we had not expected our Life President and former Chair, Patricia Norman, to be able to attend.  She sent us this message.  In the event, Pat was able to be there.  Her message was, nevertheless, read out by our current Chair, Joan Mortimer.

Dear friends

Greetings on your Golden Anniversary, I hope you have a truly memorable time together.

Looking back, I remember Matthew Bennett (founder of BHT) saying we should put up a notice on the outskirts of the town, saying “Brighton is full – do not enter”.  However, Brighton has always attracted people from all walks of life – some have benefited the City, others have needed to draw heavily on its resources, with all kinds of give and take relationships in-between.

Patricia Norman with Nikki Homewood, BHT’s Director of Advice and Support Services at the 50th anniversary celebrations

Over the years, BHT has become ever more sensitive and responsive in recognising the varied and often complex causes of homelessness, arguing tirelessly for funding to meet disparate needs, with support from resourceful money raisers and volunteers. The many entries in today’s Phone Book indicate the breadth of the current provision.

Over time, so much love, energy and dedication has been expended to improve and save the lives of countless men and women and grant them a sense of worth.

Imagine what the current situation would be had BHT not been founded 50 years ago – a bleak picture indeed.

I am sure the trust will go from strength to strength, epitomising unselfish society, battling prejudice and maintaining its vital role in the city because, as Andy Winter would surely say “our services are needed more than ever”.

With warmest good wishes

Patricia Norman


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