It’s Living Wage Week: why all employers in Brighton and Hove should sign up

It’s Living Wage week.  In Brighton and Hove there are now 463 employers who have  joined the campaign and over 3,100 wages have been raised since the campaign began 6 years ago! I am delighted that BHT was one of the first organisations to sign up.

The Brighton Living Wage Campaign is unique in the UK as it is the only one led by the business community through the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce.

This picture is from the launch and includes BHT’s then Director of Corporate Affairs, Kate Thomas.  Of the twelve people in the photo just three remain in post – Sarah Springford (Director of the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce), Julie Roff (President of the Chamber), and Katy Bourne (the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner).

The new Living Wage rates have been announced: £9 per hour for the UK and £10.55 per hour for London.

Existing Living Wage employers have until April to implement the new rate, while new sign ups from today forward will need to commit to paying this rate right away. The Living Wage is reviewed every year, independently calculated by the Resolution Foundation based on the average costs of leading a decent life in the UK.

If your organisation is not yet signed up, why delay.  Being a Living Wage Employer sends a very positive message to your employees and to the wider community, and it makes a difference to people on the lowest incomes, not least in a high cost, low wage area like Brighton and Hove.  Sign up today.


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