Filling in the blanks from the 1964 and 1986 Labour Groups

I am very grateful to Harry Steer for filling in the last remaining gaps from the 1964 Labour Group.  Harry is the last survivor from that era.  The missing councillors were: Arthur King, Jim Currie, Arthur Skinner, Dennis Woolley and Arthur Illman (who was actually an Alderman along with Bert Briggs and Stanley Deason). Thanks, too, to Pam Montgomery for mentioning her dad, Harry George, one of the 1964 Vintage.

The 1964 Labour Group included Harry Steer, Ray Blackwood, Dennis Hobden, Bert Briggs, Nobby Clarke, George Humphrey, Stanley Deason, Stan Fitch, Idwal Francis, Don Ranger, Bill Sheldon, Bert Clack, Graham Carter, Bob Millard, Harry George, Arthur King, Jim Currie, Arthur Skinner, Dennis Woolley and Arthur Illman.

Harry does make the point that in 1964 there were women Labour councillors.

As for the 1986 Labour Administration, the 24th and final member, who I had omitted, was Jon Allen.  Thanks for all the hints and suggestions.  Several people mentioned were County Councillors because, until 1997, we had two tiers of local government which was replaced by the Unitary Authority.

So the complete list is: Ian Duncan, Mick Johnson, Joyce Edmond-Smith, Pat Hawkes, Ray Blackwood, Tehm Framroze, David Lepper, Chris Morley, Brian Fitch, Gill Sweeting, Christine Simpson, Jenny Backwell, Jacqui Lythell, Joe Townsend, Richard Stanton, Steve Bassam, Bob Davies, Nobby Clarke, Denis Hobden, Brennan Turner, Arthur King, Gill Haynes, Jon Allen and Andy Winter.

Can anyone remember who the Chief Whip was?  The one who imposed discipline on the Group?  You might just be surprised…..

How Labour took control, with the assistance of the Conservative Mayor, can be found in my tribute to that Mayor, Bob Cristofili.


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